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Who We Are
The Grun Company manufactures premium grade erosion control equipment. Grun branded products include Strawblowers, Hydromulchers and other environmental equipment. Every model we manufacture sets the category leading productivity standard in its class.

Grun manufacturers precision engineered equipment for the agricultural and landscape contractor industries. Erosion control is the fastest growing category in the construction industry and Grun is the fastest growing manufacturer of erosion control equipment.



Strawblowers, Straw Blowers, Hay Blowers, Straw Mulchers or simply Mulchers are all the same equipment. All strawblowers make it possible to achieve a 30-40% material savings and to achieve up to an 80% labor savings vs hand mulching straw. The key is to buy the strawblower that is the best value for the money.

Strawblowers cost effectively mulch baled straw and disperse it on the ground as an evenly distributed blanket. The results save contractors both time and money by reducing & using labor and materials more efficiently. Strawblowers are a cost effective tool for job site erosion control compliance as mandated by federal EPA requirements. Mulched straw also provides insulation to newly planted seed.

The Grun Company manufactures two models of strawblowers the SB4 and the SB7.


Hydromulching or hydroseeding both describe the same process. Regardless of your preferred terminology, both are a planting process that, at a minimum, utilizes a machine-agitated slurry of seed and either wood or recycled paper mulch. The slurry is transported in a tank (called a hydromulcher or hydroseeder) and sprayed in a uniform layer over prepared soil. This process is an alternative to the traditional process of broadcasting or sowing dry seed. Hydromulching promotes quicker, more stable and healthier seed germination and inhibits soil erosion when compared to other seeding methodologies.

The mulch in the hydromulch mixture helps maintain the moisture level of the seed. This mulch-based slurry often contains seed, water, green dye (used as a tracer), fertilizer, tackifying agents and soil amendments plus other germination enhancing additives.

Hydromulching is most commonly used to seed grass lawns. It has also been used to spread mixtures of wildflower seeds primarily to control erosion. Starting a lawn by hydromulching is considerably cheaper and produces higher quality, healthier results than laying sod. It is also much quicker and subsequently more cost effective than using broadcast seeding methodologies. Hydromulching is also the most cost effective and efficacious method of quickly inhibiting soil erosion and of keeping construction sites in compliance with federal EPA regulations which govern water driven soil erosion on job sites.

Our primary hydromulcher is the trailered HM600M.